With just six weeks to go until Betting on Football 2017 (#bofcon2017), we caught up with Mark Rehorst-Smith, the Commercial Director for session sponsor and exhibitor Ganapati Malta.

Ganapati Malta promoted its ‘powerful combination of Japanese design and technology’ at ICE 2017, during which time the games supplier also sponsored the seventh edition of London Baby.

SBC: After the success of your debut exhibition at ICE, and the “freshen up your casino content campaign”, what can we expect from the Ganapati stand at Betting on Football?

MRS: I think the approach we decided on to announce our entry to the industry really suited ICE and proved extremely popular, giving us a great start. For Betting on Football, we’re going to switch to a more subtle and intimate approach with a focus to our rapidly maturing technical and product offering.

SBC: Having also sponsored the seventh edition of London Baby at Cafe de Paris, what is it that attracts you to events organised by SBC?

MRS: The quality of the events is high and the attendees equally so. They offer a great opportunity to meet the key decision makers from alternative verticals in an appropriate setting.

SBC: What are you most looking forward to at the conference?

MRS: As above, the opportunity to meet the key decision makers from alternative verticals.

SBC: Are there any specific operators or affiliates that you are looking forward to meeting at Stamford Bridge?

MRS: There are many operators attending that we’ve started dialogues with. It will be good to continue discussions with them but also ignite new ones.


Source: https://sbcnews.co.uk/events/2017/03/21/ganapati-malta-sponsor-profile-bofcon2017/


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